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Nunavut is live and has launched Nunavut Map Selection (NMS) 2.0!

It was an exciting time this past weekend because Nunavut launched NMS on January 30! The new NMS system supports the amended Nunavut Mining Regulations which were published on October 14, 2020. The new NMS system changes the way mineral claims are acquired because instead of planting ground stakes, a proponent applying for mineral claims can choose pre-defined grid units on an online map, using the Nunavut Map Viewer. These units will define the area of the mineral claim. This process is a digital transformation to how minerals are acquired and is now using next generation cadastre system!  

The NMS system is built on the truePERMIT™ platform – an award-winning resource management platform that supports the full life cycle for natural resources and energy. This includes land, water, mining, and energy. One of the unique features of the platform is that it integrates GIS and application data to seamlessly validate and populate the application form. This not only makes it easier for the end user but also ensures the data is correct. As a result, confidence in data is increased and the ability to make informed timely decisions are improved. The platform is designed to support regulatory agencies to comply with regulations and has been implemented across Canada and internationally as well. To find out more about what truePERMIT can do for you and your organization, click here.

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